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Frequently Ask Questions

What type of training do the company offer?

Leasing Career & Management Training, offers training in the field of leasing apartments and fair housing.

How long have the company been around?

Leasing Career & Management Training, LLC was founded in 2017.

Where are the classes located?

Classes are located at different locations.

Do the staff or instructors have experience in the apartment industry?

Yes, 20 or more plus years.

How much is the course?

See the payment tab on the website.

How long is the course?

Beginning Leasing Course: Two weeks

Refresher leasing course: One full day (Weekend only).

Fair Housing Training Course: Two days.

Additional class course: One full day (weekday only).

Property Management Course: Four week course (weekday, evening only).

How long would I be in class?

Class start times depends on what course you are interested in taking (see class schedule tab for more info).

Would I receive a certificate after I complete the course?

Yes along with job leads.

Is their additional class that is required?

Yes, Fair Housing.

How do I register for training?

Click on the register tab on the website.

If I do not like applying for anything online can I make appointment to register for class?

Yes, but the company do not except cash payments onsite.

How do I cancel my registration?

If you can't attend the class you selected, you can enroll in another class. All payments are Non-refundable.

If I refer someone to the company would I get a refer fee?


How much?


Can I use my refer fee towards an additional class?


If I get dismissed or expelled from the class course can I get my money back?

Sorry No. All payments are Non-refundable.

On my first day of class what should I expect?

Introduction about Leasing Career & Management Training, LLC. The company mission and objections.

Continental breakfast and lunch on us.

Leasing Career & Management Training, LLC

Corporate Headquarters

760 Old Roswell Road Roswell, Georgia 30076